A summary of the issues involved in Chinese Drywall

The New York Times last week published an interesting piece outlining the Chinese drywall problem and the angles in which it stands as important. What more, the NYT article focuses on the health ailments emerging from those who live in the homes. Profiling one homeowner that fits the profile of many homeowners facing the toxic wallboard plight, the piece, two pages, is a solid read for people who know little, or even know a lot, about the Chinese drywall matter.

“My house is not worth the land it’s built on,” said Mr. Morgan, who could not maintain the mortgage payments on his $383,000 home in a Williamsburg subdivision called Wellington Estates and the costs of a rental property where his family decamped.

Mr. Morgan, like many other American homebuyers who tell similar tales of woe, is blaming the drywall in his new home — specifically, drywall from China, imported during the housing boom to meet heavy demand — that he says is contaminated with various sulfur compounds.

The piece may be read in full here.

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