Breaking News: Chinese drywall manufacturer agrees to be served

In a huge turn of events, a Chinese drywall manufacturer has assuaged the fears of those who believed no lawsuit might ever emerge by agreeing to be served with the class action lawsuits brought forth by homeowners.

The Bradenton Herald reports

A Chinese drywall manufacturer has agreed to be served with a class-action lawsuit to be filed on behalf of homeowners, attorneys in the case said Monday.

Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin Co. Ltd. agreed to be served under U.S. court procedures and not under international law, which would have taken more time and money, attorneys said. However, KPT’s willingness to do so extends only to an omnibus class-action lawsuit to be filed by Dec. 9…

KPT and several manufacturers, distributors, shippers and homebuilders are accused of importing and installing defective drywall in thousands of U.S. homes. The drywall has been blamed for causing property damage and health problems.

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