Breaking News: Katrina claims may be reopened as deadline extended

In an extremely important ruling made by the Louisiana Supreme Court, citizens of Louisiana have an extended time period to press litigation against insurers for Katrina-related delays or judgements relating to storm damage and insurance company actions:

Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corp. and other insurers may face a new round of lawsuits related to Hurricane Katrina even though the deadline for filing expired a year and a half ago.

The Louisiana Supreme Court declined late last week to hear an appeal in the case of Brenda Pitts v. Louisiana Citizens, thereby allowing a lower court decision favorable to policyholders to stand.

In January, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal ruled unanimously that Pitts could file suit against Citizens months after the deadline for initiating litigation had passed because a class action lawsuit involving similar grievances had stopped the clock on the issue.

It is important that home or property owners who fell behind this deadline and were not able to get justice earlier on contact a legal expert immediately to discuss their rights in the wake of this ruling. The Berniard Law Firm was recently successful against Louisiana Citizens in a class action relating to delays citizens encountered in the wake of the hurricanes.

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