Broward/Palm Beach News features extensive Chinese drywall piece

Discussing the extensive backstory and saga that has unfolded since millions of pounds of Chinese drywall were imported and used in the building and repair of homes in the United States, the Broward/Palm Beach News published an excellent piece that describes how the faulty wallboard has caused problems for thousands of homeowners.

The article notes

Before ’04, Chinese businesses like Knauf Tianjin had rarely exported drywall to the States. But then a housing bubble inflated the demand of homes and depleted construction supplies. In South Florida, dozens of new condo towers sprouted along every stretch of beach and bay front, and hundreds of new golf-course-centered suburbs sprouted from Florida City to Jupiter.

The market exploded so quickly that American gypsum mines and drywall makers simply couldn’t keep up. Chinese-based companies like Knauf gladly filled the void, and it sent drywall the company eventually knew was faulty.

The Chinese drywall passed through South Florida ports with virtually no inspections. Developers claim they didn’t know that the imported drywall was flawed when they installed it in as many as 100,000 homes nationwide. But home owners began reporting problems immediately. Air conditioners failed every two months; electrical outlets corroded to black powder; homeowners suffered constant nosebleeds and persistent coughs.

It’s actually a quite excellent read and has received a lot of attention on the internet for its use of Chinese perspectives on the issue and how well it sums up the issues raging on when dealing with the matter. For anyone who has interest in the legal complexities of imported goods and legal responsibility for the manufacturers, distributors and unfortunate recipients, it’s a solid read.

For those in New Orleans, and in the Gulf Coast in general, our firm wishes you a happy, and warm, weekend.

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