Chinese drywall claims being denied by insurers

With all the health symptoms of Chinese drywall exposure and the damage this faulty wallboard has caused to homes and properties, those affected have been quick to look for a solution that can help them return to a life of normalcy. The recent developments, catalogued on this blog here, have shown several different rays of hope might exist for those involved as state and federal government officials have taken on the issue to help those affected. However, a speed bump has developed that seems to be slowing down progress for now.

A spokesperson with the American Insurance Association told BradentonHerald that insurance companies in many states have received claims regarding Chinese drywall damage, but could not say how many. The spokesperson also said most so far have come from states where high humidity is prevalent – such as Florida.

According to one Florida attorney handling drywall cases, insurers are rejecting claims “across the board,” said. However, the lawyer said he still recommends that people with Chinese drywall damages file a claim with their homeowner’s insurance carrier so that the company has notice that the material is in the home.

According to, many homeowners might have better luck if they file claims under the builder’s, drywall supplier’s or drywall manufacturer’s commercial general-liability policy. However, there is no guarantee that will work.

The article, found here, goes on to further profile how, despite the fact elected officials are moving forward in trying to find an avenue of assistance for their constituents, no solution stands out that will get people out of their homes when they have nowhere else to go. A resolution of some sort is necessary to help get people into a safe environment and away from whatever harms may come from exposure to the drywall.

By contacting medical professionals and builders or contractors with experience on the issue, while at the same time contacting an attorney, people can make their situation more widely known and cover all the bases necessary when the remedy becomes available to this plight. Any individual who suspects Chinese drywall may have been used in the construction or repair of their home or property should also contact their local and state representative to help make the widespread reality of this issue more apparent. In taking action rather than waiting to see what avenues of assistance may become available, those affected may in fact drive the change they need to get the ball rolling.

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