Chinese Drywall discovered in homes post-Katrina

The inevitable results of the importation of faulty Chinese drywall into a state that required heavy construction at the result of Hurricane Katrina has officially emerged. As reported widely by the Associate Press and other media outlets, Louisiana officials feared that Katrina’s devastation had severely raised the odds that Chinese drywall would be a painful reality for individuals who had rebuilt since 2005. Now personal accounts are emerging that show this drywall issue is not limited to Florida but, rather, is officially here:

Hurricane Katrina victims who used cheap Chinese-made dry wall to rebuild their homes may have to rebuild all over again to correct severe problems.
Wallboard from China that contains sulfur is wreaking havoc in homes, charring electrical wires, eating away at jewelry and possibly even sickening families.
“The bathroom upstairs has a corroded showerhead; the door hinges are rusting out,” said 50-year-old Thomas Stone, the longtime fire chief of St. Bernard Parish, southeast of New Orleans.
Then there’s the stench, like rotten eggs, that seems to get worse with the heat and humidity.
“It makes me wish there would be another flood to wash it out,” said Stone’s wife, Lauren, 49.

It is important for homeowners who have rebuilt or fully constructed a home or property in the past five years to contact their builder and find out what materials were used in the development. If any health issues or structural damage is emerging since the home was built, contact a health expert immediately and then consult with a legal expert to find out what course of action may be taken to make sure that this faulty product issue does not become your new, costly issue.

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