Chinese drywall images – Part 2

The second part of our series of Chinese drywall pictures features close-ups of what the corrosion looks like of piping and fixtures throughout a home that had the problematic material installed.

Here you can see just how intricate and flawed the pipes can become as a result of an attic in which the drywall was installed. Note the corrosion and dramatic color-changes of a pipe originally just copper.

A close-up of the same pipe.

Here the inside of a socket shows the same sort of damage. The white wiring and metal casing shows wear, degradation and the tell-tale black pollution of Chinese drywall’s toxic gas.

For more information on Chinese drywall, check out this blog’s section dedicated on the matter, available here. Also, be sure to attend the Mandeville town hall meeting on the topic to get more information on the matter from elected officials and experts on the matter.

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