Chinese drywall in Las Vegas?

A recent news piece reveals that Chinese drywall may have gotten as far as Las Vegas when it was imported and installed into new homes nationwide. Homeowners have cited the now standard signs of it having been used for the development of their dwellings and inspectors have begun investigating

A Chinese drywall class action lawsuit has been filed in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to the Las Vegas Sun, the lawsuit alleges that Chinese drywall is causing health problems for occupants of homes in two Las Vegas neighborhoods
The lawsuit was filed on behalf of four homeowners, the Sun said. Three of the homes are located in a neighborhood near Jones Boulevard and Grand Teton Drive; and the fourth is near Hollywood Boulevard and Desert Inn Road. The lawsuit, which seeks class action status for all residents of the state suffering health problems because of Chinese drywall, names subsidiaries of Miami-based homebuilder Lennar Corp. and drywall manufacturer Georgia-Pacific Corp. of Atlanta as defendants.

While it’s not a surprise that the materials have been used outside the Gulf Coast, that they the reach of this toxic wallboard is as far as Nevada shows that people nationwide who suspect that Chinese drywall may have been used should look into their home’s construction.

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