Chinese drywall pre-trial matters to be handled in New Orleans

Per a federal MDL Panel, the pre-trial court matters for the Chinese drywall class action lawsuits being filed on the behalf of American consumers will be handled in the United States District Court’s Eastern District court in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Panel ruled, in this case, to have New Orleans be the central area for all pre-trial motions and issues relating to the cases of Chinese drywall in an effort to consolidate the matter before a single judge so there is no conflict over different judicial decisions relating to what may be included in evidence, etc. With all of the case issues being handled exclusively in New Orleans before court proceedings resume in the original jurisdictions where the cases were filed, new attention may come to the plight of those home and property owners with Chinese drywall that live in this area.

Per The Times-Picayune

A panel of federal judges ruled today that class action suits filed around the country against Chinese drywall manufacturers will be docketed in New Orleans.

The so-called Multi-District Litigation Panel, which consolidates similar cases filed in different federal courts before a single judge, has assigned the case to U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon.

Local attorney Daniel Becnel Jr. had argued before the panel several weeks ago that the various Chinese drywall cases, filed in Florida, Ohio and other states, should be heard in New Orleans.

The case should have significant economic impact on New Orleans, as it could fill local hotel rooms with hundreds of lawyers, expert witnesses and others participating in the case.

This is great news for those homeowners in the city who are wishing to file suit against the manufacturers, also, as local attorneys will be able to better access this case at a reduced cost because of how near the venue is. All in all a great development on this issue for New Orleans residents and property owners.

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