CSPC chair visits Chinese drywall homes in Florida

Visiting Cape Coral, Florida, to see firsthand the Chinese drywall that has caused so much problems for residents of the Gulf Coast, Consumer Product Safety Commission Inez Tennenbaum had some positive things to share and an optimistic approach for governmental action in the future.

NBC 2 in Florida reports

Tennenbaum wants to see homeowners like Pat and Richard Kampf finally get the help they need.

“I didn’t know what to say other than hooray. I thought that if we had garnered attention from Washington D.C. then it had raised to the highest levels,” said Richard Kampf.

“What I found when I came to the CPSC was that there was not a sense of urgency,” Tennenbaum said…

“We cannot go on just month after month, study after another study. We have to make a decision based on the information we have,” said Tennenbaum

While Tennenbaum’s quote about the indecision of the previous titleholder is extremely positive for it seems to be a line in the sand in regards to sitting and waiting versus action coming soon, it is too early to say if it is tough talk or not. Residents can only wait and see while shoring up their end of the matter to see how this matter works out but action and urgency on the part of the CPSC is a positive.

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