DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Implant Lawsuits Begin Due to Faulty Product

Individuals who have entrusted the DePuy company with their physical well being after requiring hip replacements are finding significant problems with their prosthetic. Though implants like this often last more than a decade, at times as long as 15 or more years, the ASR hip implant cup has seen failure after only a couple years after being installed. DePuy Orthopedics, a division of Johnson & Johnson, has begun notifying doctors of the implants failure and is drawing attention now for how the hip implant can be falling so significantly short of the advertised longevity.

Operating as a metal on metal replacement in the event an individual requires a hip implant, the ASR cup requires a significant amount of skill and care in its installation. Should the implant not be installed properly, or the bone does not properly fit into the implant, significant wear and tear can develop that leads to implant failure. When this device fails, a surgical fix is required that can be extremely painful for the recipient. What’s more, as there is inherent danger involved in any surgical procedure, and hip replacements are often carried out for the elderly, this is an unacceptable development for the product.

Product defect suits can often be difficult because there are a wide variety of factors. One issue that will come into question in legal action against DePuy will be how long the company was aware that the implant had a high failure rate. Should it be provable that DePuy was slow to take action about notifying doctors, and subsequently their patients, about problems related to the ASR hip replacement, real responsibility consequences will be issued against the division of Johnson & Johnson that will mean monetary damages paid out to patients.

Symptoms of the failure of a DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Implant can include pain in your hip, back or leg. Additionally, the implant has been known to make noises originating from the device and general soreness/discomfort specifically at the hip. While tests and x-rays may also show failure in the implant, many patients have discovered a problem with the device due to noticeable restrictions or decreases in flexibility or mobility in the hip and leg region.

If you have received an ASR hip implant and are have either had to have your implant replaced or have been having pain or problems related to your implant, you may be entitled to financial compensation related to pain and suffering, as well as medical bills and any physical damage caused by the implant. By contacting a legal expert at the Berniard Law Firm today regarding the matter, you can prevent losing your legal rights and may receive money damages for the ordeal. The Berniard Law is filing lawsuits for individuals who are harmed by this recall or previously had replacement surgery and is taking new clients at this time. Contact us today.

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