Depuy Litigation Hip Replacement Surgery Claimant Interview Part 3

In parts 1 and 2 of a three-part interview with client Eugene O’Neal (name changed to protect attorney-client privilege), Eugene communicated to readers the menacing effects a failed DePuy ASR hip implant can impose on a person. Not only is the required revision surgery physically taxing, but it generates emotional uncertainty and psychological anxiety as well. For Eugene and the thousands like him, the fallout from the nationwide recall of DePuy ASR hip implants carries with it very real, very human consequences.

When Eugene realized his defective hip had been recalled, he turned to the Berniard Law Firm for guidance. Immediately, attorney Jeffrey Berniard and his staff gave Eugene vital legal advice and connected him to medical professionals who could explain in plain language how the defective hip implants were adversely affecting his body and causing pain.

As previously reported by this blog, Mr. Berniard is using his legal expertise to assist those like Eugene everyday. As he has for years before, Berniard is filing lawsuits for those affected by the inappropriate actions of a large company; in this case, our firm has filed on behalf of patients who have suffered before the recall. Lead attorney Jeffrey Berniard has sought to centralize DePuy litigation to Lousiana and, although his motion was not granted, he is very happy with the selection of the Northern District of Ohio as the transferee forum. Mr. Berniard has also applied to the Honorable Judge Katz in the transferee court for a leadership position with the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee. If granted the position, he would be responsible for directing the strategic direction of national DePuy litigation. However, even if Mr. Berniard is not selected as a member of the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee he will continue to be a part of the litigation as a valuable member of one of the junior committees.

Mr. Berniard continues to accept new clients for the DePuy matter, and he maintains this blog which informs the public about the legal consequences of the DePuy ASR Hip Implant Recall. Mr. Berniard is a sought out expert in this matter and has educated other attorneys on the complexities of the Hip Recall litigation and will continue to lecture on this topic. Ultimately, Mr. Berniard and his legal team are concerned with achieving the best possible recovery for each and every one of their clients. At the time of this writing, Eugene’s case against DePuy is moving steadily forward due to the resources provided to him by Berniard Law Firm. The same can be said for all of the clients the firm is serving.

If you or someone you know has been affected by the defective hip implants manufactured by DePuy, please contact the Berniard Law Firm today for a free consultation. As Eugene’s story showcases, the human toll of the DePuy recall can be staggering without an advocate fighting for you.

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