Even builders’ homes vulnerable to Chinese drywall

A story coming out of Coral Gables, FL, demonstrates it’s not just the everyday homeowner who has been struck by Chinese drywall. Even builders have constructed homes for themselves unwittingly with the faulty wallboard. With timelines unclear in regards to when progress will develop, this builder decided not to wait any longer and gutted the 2,300 square foot home as soon as the sulfuric smell wafted into the air.

…waiting could just make the problem worse, said Frank Mackle, a home builder who recently discovered his own house has the problem product.

So he gutted the townhome himself a few weeks ago.

“This is coming out of my own pocket,” said Mackle, walking through the shell of the 2,300-square-foot Coral Gables home.

“I had it all tricked out,” he said, recalling the custom wall treatments, plantation shutters and crown moldings. He estimates the repairs will cost at least $80,000 — money he is borrowing to fix the property.

Watching the fumes from the drywall, Mackle is certain that the repairs would only be more expensive if he were to wait.

“If we let this thing fester, the amount of damage could be that much more,” he said. “I’m not a scientist. I’m a victim who’s trying not to go overboard.”
Mackle is hoping to save some of the pipes, some wiring, kitchen cabinets, crown moldings and baseboards. Other home builders remediating homes are recycling only the homes’ outermost shell, for fear that the chemicals from the drywall may have seeped into other items, possibly leading to more corrosion in the future.[/quote]
While there is a lot of optimism about an eventual positive account coming from this with all the action being taken by the government, timing may be of the essence. Contact a construction or building expert immediately if you feel there may be Chinese drywall in your home and consult with a medical professional if you feel any ailments where you think staying in your home could risk your health. By contacting experts and speaking with an attorney, you can make sure that the worst case scenario – experiencing this nightmare and not being compensated or having your home returned to you – does not occur.

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