Evictions begin over Chinese drywall contamination

Perhaps one of the saddest recent stories coming out of the Chinese drywall disaster is the following, where the poor and elderly have been kicked out of their homes as a result of the buildings being built with the faulty wallboard. The News Inferno reports

Dozens of low-income elderly people are being evicted from a Florida apartment complex because of Chinese drywall and mold. According to naplesnews.com, the 33 residents have been given until the end of this month to leave the 30-unit Bromelia Place apartment building in Immokalee.

Many of the residents have been complaining of respiratory ailments. Other problems reported may be related to potentially-defective Chinese drywall, naplesnews.com said. The complex was only opened in 2007.

The decision to evict residents came after mold was discovered in the apartment complex while it was being checked for Chinese drywall. According to naplesnews.com, the mold is apparent in places on the outside of the building and has been found inside several units. The mold may have been caused by faulty windows or the possible use of defective Chinese drywall, naplesnews.com said.

On July 30, tenants received a landlord notice of termination and a 30-day notice of eviction.

Truly just a sad and disappointing story .

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