FEMA evicting Hurricane Ike trailer inhabitants

A quick news piece emerging out of Houston demonstrates that though it has been a quiet hurricane season, the damage caused by previous years in which the Gulf Coast was not so lucky have still not been overcome. In Houston, individuals still living in FEMA trailers in the wake of Hurricane Ike have been notified that they will need to vacate and move on to more permanent housing.

Per Houston’s Daily News

Before Hurricane Ike, Sidney Lampman rented the first floor of her sister’s two-story house on West Hunter Drive in Old Bayou Vista. The hurricane flooded the house and, even though Lampman rented the property, rather than owned it, the Federal Emergency Management Agency gave her a mobile home while she looked for a new place to live.

This month, the agency sent Lampman a letter telling her she must move out of the mobile home because there are plenty of apartments and rental houses in the area.

The agency referred her to the federal Disaster Housing Assistance Program, which subsidizes rent for hurricane victims through March.

It is disappointing to see people are still having to rely on this governmental housing and shows the true destruction caused by these disasters. We can only hope this quiet hurricane season continues and the Gulf Coast is given a reprieve from disastrous weather.

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