FEMA investigating La. hurricane recovery office

FEMA is now looking into cronyism in Louisiana in the wake of federal funding provided for the recovery effort post-Katrina.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Federal Emergency Management Agency is investigating allegations of cronyism and other misconduct at the New Orleans office overseeing efforts to rebuild the hurricane-battered Gulf Coast, officials said Wednesday.

The agency, which has endured fierce criticism over delays in the rebuilding effort, sent a team of Washington investigators to its Louisiana office last week. The agency expects a report on findings in the coming days, two top officials said at a congressional hearing on the Hurricane Katrina recovery.

Of note is the following:

In Louisiana, about $3.4 billion in FEMA assistance remains unspent — nearly half of what was approved.

Hopefully the recent attention the mismanagement of tasks FEMA is receiving will lead to positive results for the Gulf Coast.

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