Funding opportunities for Chinese drywall homeowners may be coming soon

The Palm Beach Post reports

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will soon issue guidelines on how homeowners with defective drywall can apply for federal money, according to a letter sent to U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida.

Department secretary Shaun Donovan had previously suggested during a trip to Florida that homeowners may be able to find funding under the Community Development Block Grant program.

However, when citizens failed to get any assistance from the program, government officials looked into the situation and reassessed the application process. This reexamination has led to how a new explanation might emerge to help homeowners get federal assistance for their Chinese drywall issues.

“The guidance will provide details about the eligible activities relating to drywall remediation, and the ways in which (block grant) funds can be used to benefit families with various income levels,” Donovan wrote to Nelson in a letter dated Monday.

“It is my expectation that this guidance will be valuable in helping affected communities and homeowners determine how best to respond to this set of issues,” he continued.

While it is hard to speculate just what will be included in this guidance, it is promising that the government continues to take steps to help alleviate this situation in a variety of ways. Only time will tell just how effective the brainstorming taking place will be but the effort being put in by members of local and federal government is encouraging.

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