Governor Perry Urges FEMA Extend Aid Deadline

Texas Governor Rick Perry has requested that FEMA waive or extend the deadline for FEMA aid to those whose lives have been disrupted by Hurricane Ike. KFDM reports:

Gov. Rick Perry has requested the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) waive, or extend for 180 days, the deadline to file proof of loss requirements for flood insurance policyholders whose homes were damaged by Hurricane Ike.

Due to the severity and magnitude of the disaster, FEMA granted an extension of the 60-day proof of loss deadline for flood insurance policyholders. Currently, policyholders are required to file proof of loss by March 12, 2009. An extension would allow Texans the same amount of time to file their claims as was allowed following Hurricane Rita.

“With so many Texas homes suffering flood damage related to Hurricane Ike and so many families who have not yet been able to rebuild, a deadline of March 12 is unrealistic,” Gov. Perry said. “I urge FEMA to waive or extend the deadline so that Texans with flood insurance have adequate time to file their claims.”

This extension would allow for more preparation and recovery for those harmed by the storm and extends the government’s assistance for some time. Insurance companies also have deadlines for their response to homeowner’s claims. It is essential that you make sure your insurance company reaches their deadlines on your Hurricane Ike or other property damage claims.

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