Habitat for Humanity not having any Chinese drywall issues

A quick news bit from WWLTV regarding a very positive sign coming out of Habitat for Humanity in regards to drywall they used to build homes in the wake of Hurricane Katrina:

“When we started hearing stories break in Florida about Chinese drywall, we had our drywall tested proactively, just out of an abundance of caution,” said Aleis Tusa, a spokesperson with the New Orleans-area Habitat for Humanity.

Eyewitness News obtained a copy of a report released by Columbia Analytical Services, a testing lab in Simi Valley, California. Back in March, the lab conducted tests on multiple samples of Habitat for Humanity’s drywall. The lab checked for a myriad of compounds and chemicals, including sulfurs, which are a major concern with Chinese drywall. All of the results came back as “ND”– meaning, “Not Detected.”

“We feel very confident that the drywall that we’re putting in the homes in very safe,” Tusa said.

While problematic Chinese drywall does obviously exist in the homes of thousands of individuals, it is good to see the problem did not spread to those who already have had to rely on charity for their homes.

Enjoy your weekend.

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