Hurricane Bill likely to miss

The good news for the United States is, other than a bit of rain and higher waves, Hurricane Bill will likely miss and not make landfall.

This article, from Canada’s CBCNews, details the storm’s projected path

Hurricane Bill will likely blow into Atlantic Canada’s waters on Sunday as a Category 2 storm, bringing 150 kilometre an hour winds and heavy rain, the Canadian Hurricane Centre said Friday afternoon.

But forecasters said it’s too early to be precise or issue any warnings.

“At this point, it’s still not possible to give the specifics that everybody wants,” said Peter Bowyer, the hurricane centre’s program manager.

As of Friday morning, Bill was a Category 3 storm about 625 kilometres south of Bermuda with sustained winds of 185 km/h. It was moving north-northwest at about 28 km/h.

Bill is expected to close in on mainland Nova Scotia on Sunday morning, pass close to Cape Breton Island late Sunday afternoon or evening and blow over southeastern Newfoundland late Sunday or early Monday.

Bowyer said it’s unclear whether Bill will reach land. The hardest hit areas can expect winds between 150 and 180 km/h and up to 150 millimetres of rain, he said.

While it has downgraded in size and strength, it’s still nice to see this Hurricane miss the country almost completely.

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