Hurricane Katrina Fraud Can Happen Again

In November of 2007, the Louisiana State Attorney General levied a suit against insurance providers in the Gulf Coast related to Hurricane Katrina business practices. The charges, including antitrust, collusion and price fixing violations, dealt with a system of claim denials that looked to take advantage of the confusion natural disasters create. What’s more, such a suit proves that while the government is able to inspect a series of complaints and practices, each individual needs help to make sure they do not get lost in the masses.

The lawsuit, levied against six major insurance companies, including State Farm and All State, struck at the big business policies of intentionally going after those policy holders who stood up and demanded more when their claim was given an inadequate financial value. The lawsuit stated the insurance providers coerced their policyholders into settling their claims of damages for less than their value by editing engineering reports, by delaying payment and by forcing policyholders to litigate claims to receive full value.

Happening as recently as 2007, fraud on the part of insurance companies should be a real concern for any policy holder looking to make a claim on damage. While not every insurance provider is dishonest or difficult in the event of a claim, protecting yourself in the event that one does is a solid strategy to avoid problems in the future. Always make sure to have your claim and the insurance company’s offer inspected by a contractor to guarantee a settlement will give you the financial settlement you need and deserve.

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