Insurance company reverses decision, insures Chinese drywall homeowners

A quick news piece emerging from the Associated Press today regarding a couple who had previously had their policy renewal refused because their home had Chinese drywall installed within it:

Citizens Property of Florida has reversed their decision and chosen to insure the couple after all.

The AP reports

Florida’s public insurance company reversed course this week and said it will cover a couple’s Gulf Coast retirement home, after previously telling the homeowners their policy wouldn’t be renewed because of the home’s tainted Chinese drywall.

Citizens Property Insurance Corp., a state-backed insurer of last resort, told The Associated Press for an Oct. 15 story that it generally couldn’t continue to cover homes with such defective materials because of a “pollution” exclusion in policies.

“Without walking into a courtroom, this is one of my most proudest victories,” said David Durkee, the couple’s attorney.

Citizens previously said it considered the drywall a pre-existing condition, leading to pollution that could cause future damage, something not covered under most policies nationwide. That’s why the insurer said it had earlier issued a notice of non-renewal to James and Maria Ivory.

This is very good news from insurance companies and a positive sign that those with the tainted wallboard won’t be left out in the cold to fend for themselves.

Enjoy your weekend.

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