Louisiana enacts laws helping medical care in the event of crisis

Just a quick news blurb regarding Louisiana’s positive choice to enact law Tuesday permitting emergency efforts to not be hampered by certification requirements in the event of a disaster. The new law will permit doctors and other medical workers to come from all across the nation to help in the event facilities are understaffed or overtaxed after such an event as a hurricane, etc. The Times-Picayune has more

With Gov. Bobby Jindal’s signature, Louisiana has become the 10th state to enact a law that makes it easier for medical workers to cross state lines to provide help after a disaster.

The Uniform Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act provides interstate recognition of licenses held by medical professionals who volunteer during emergencies, helping to ensure more organized and available medical support, advocates say.

Approved recently by the Legislature, the act allows Louisiana to receive assistance from medical professionals from nine other states. Medical workers from Louisiana could, in turn, assist with care during emergencies in the other listed states.

Professionals covered by the act, including doctors, nurses and mental health counselors, would be legally certified to help during a disaster — and their exposure to potential lawsuits would be sharply limited. They would be required to sign up with the interstate compact in advance.

Altogether a great effort to make sure the citizens of Louisiana are getting the help they need in the wake of a disaster

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