Louisiana legislation opening door for Chinese drywall lawsuits

In a move intended to open the door for home and property owners to use the judicial system to remedy damages incurred by the use of Chinese drywall in their recent constructions or renovations, the Louisiana legislature is opening up the avenues for lawsuits against those who brought the faulty wallboard to the state.

In an article featured by the AP, the state legislature’s efforts are detailed as residents begin to move forward and past this building disaster

Chinese drywall products that some people blame for health problems, unpleasant odors and material damage in homes where it is used is the subject of legislation coming up for debate in the Louisiana Senate.

A bill by Sen. Julie Quinn of Metairie would allow homeowners who unwittingly used such materials in their houses to sue the makers, distributors and sellers of the material for damages and attorney fees.

The Senate is scheduled to take up the bill Thursday morning.

Several federal and state agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are investigating complaints that Chinese drywall is causing health problems. There also are reports that fumes from the drywall corrode metal and cause a rotten-egg stench in homes.

Any sort of movement of shifting the burden away from homeowners and onto those individuals or organizations responsible for cutting corners and bringing faulty materials into the United States is very important. We’ll continue to monitor this situation as it moves through the legislative channels.

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