Mississippi Mayor pleads not guilty to Insurance scam

Gulfport’s mayor, Brent Warr, along with his wife, pled not guilty to a 16-count indictment charging the city head with seeking financial assistance in the form of a grant for a beachfront home they did not live in but merely owned. With the charges, the government is seeking $222,798 and accuses the pair of lying to their insurance company. The storm damages were linked to Hurricane Katrina, a storm in 2005 that devastated the Gulf Coast region and left thousands homeless.

The lesson? Don’t lie to your insurance company. Follow the letter of law with the assistance of an attorney to make sure your claim is on the up and up. Individuals who lie on their insurance claims cost policy owners money as premiums go up and insurance companies seek to justify their hard-nosed process of investigation and claim denial. By working with a legal and building expert, you can present the most comprehensive and honest claim to get you the money you’re owed.

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