Playstation Network Breeched Again in Late May

In what can only be considered a confusing lapse in digital security, Sony announced another breach of their network security in late May. This news comes on the heels of the major shutdown that aggravated a world of gamers. As the length of downtime nears a month, questions linger as to how much knowledge the electronics giant had regarding system vulnerabilities and why a breach was what it took to search for solutions.

Relating to a vulnerability regarding password resets, the most recent security breach is a major headache for Sony. The Playstation 3 Network, albeit free, is relied upon by millions of users for online gaming and, more importantly, includes a wealth of personal information for all of these users. Within the first security breach, this personal information, unfortunately, also includes billing details that could lead to vulnerability for customers who only wished to enjoy their games as sold.

Regarding the most recent breach, reports indicate that users will know their account has been compromised if they received an email indicating that their password had been changed. While the information made vulnerable in this act remains unclear, it is just yet another incident in a problematic series of events that raise significant questions about the protection being utilized by Sony and the amount of negligence that may be at play. Negligence claims involve an injured party suing a defendant for the damages suffered that were avoidable through the direct intervention of that party. In short, negligence claims deal with the ‘avoidable;’ news reports that have come out regarding this matter indicate that Sony was aware of the vulnerability.

The full extent of what information the hackers were able to attain is still unclear and may require litigation to fully understand. However, the facts clearly indicate this case will test the specific definition of cyber security and the expectations of companies to protect the information of users, regardless on the price of said service. Following the case will be crucial not only for those individuals who may have had their information breeched but also for those looking to better understand the law and how it applies to issues like this. For that reason we will continue to blog on the matter and provide updates as they become available.

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