Problems With Insurance Companies

In the wake of Hurricane Ike, residents of the Gulf Coast are beginning to piece together their lives and rebuild their property as they attempt to return to a sense of normalcy. While making claims for damages rendered by the storm, various difficulties will arise that Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi residents must remain vigilant and observant for to prevent abuse and misconduct on the part of insurers.

When disasters like Ike occur, problems with insurance claims consistently pop up that relate to the following issues:

Improper adjusters
Forced/intentionally confusing settlement offers
Refused claims based upon no merit
Grievously low estimates
Incorrect rebuilding figures
Bad faith efforts on the part of insurers
Frivolous litigation threats
Such actions can truly hinder and harm insured victims of storms that are merely looking for a way to return to what was once home. While federal protection agencies serve as a watchdog for these forms of fraud and misconduct, they often are incapable of handling every single instance. When this happens, it is essential for claimants to have proper representation to protect themselves from being bullied or mishandled by the insurance agencies.

If Allstate, State Farm or any of the other insurance companies in the Gulf Coast are giving you a hard time in your insurance claim, contact an attorney immediately.

In fact, call the Berniard Law Firm. Specializing in hurricane damage claims and with a strong track-record of standing up for the everyday Gulf Coast homeowner, the Berniard Law Firm will work to do everything possible to prevent you from being run over by your insurance agency. Call our offices today, toll-free, at 1-866-574-8005 to schedule an appointment or have your case reviewed for free today.

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