Property Insurance prices expected to Increase

Per WBRZ news, “Louisiana homeowners and businesses will see property insurance rates rise more this year than they have since 2006.” Business writer Ted Griggs cites the economic downfall facing the nation as the predominant reason for the increase, which could be anywhere from 3 to 10%.

[Insurance Commissioner Jim] Donelon said that with less coverage available, the law of supply and demand kicks in and prices rise.

Already, State Farm Fire & Casualty Co., the largest insurer in Louisiana, has asked to increase homeowners’ rates an average of 14 percent statewide. Farmers Insurance Exchange, the sixth-largest firm in the state, is seeking a 27.5 percent increase in homeowners’ rates and the institution of a 5 percent hurricane deductible. Louisiana Farm Bureau, the fifth-largest company, is seeking a 10.2 percent increase.

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