SE Texas Residents expected to sue soon over Ike delays

In the wake of insurance companies backing out of agreements intended to help policy holders rebuild their homes and move on with their lives, SE Texas residents are beginning to feel the need to turn to the legal system to receive the money they are owed. KBMT news did a feature on an impending ‘explosion’ of lawsuits after insurance companies like Allstate have gone back on deals that it had made with policy holders.

Kim and Terry Cooper have lived in their Orange County home for 10 years but were dumbfounded when their insurance company walked away from the Cooper’s damage claims.

“They kept putting us off it seemed like Allstate was trying to keep their money as long as they wanted” said Kim Cooper.

The Coopers have already repaired the hole in their roof they say was caused by Hurricane Ike when a tree crashed into their roof. They are also dealing with a cracked foundation – all damages that they say ultimately made the home unlivable.

It is important that specific steps are taken when making repairs while waiting for insurance company money to come in. This includes, but is not limited to, making only necessary repairs while closely documenting the cost and work done to guarantee your claim is for the appropriate amount and is not lower because of the work you have done.

The article quantifies the issue

Fourteen lawsuits were filed in Jefferson County in the past week alone – all residents who say they are not happy with the relief offered by their insurance company and Brashers says that’s only the beginning. The week before there were six.

If your insurance company is giving you the run-around, stop waiting for them to do the right thing and look into your legal options with an attorney. The Berniard Law Firm is equipped with experts and lawyers that are fully capable of reviewing and handling your issue. Contact the firm today if you feel that your insurance company is not handling your matter with the seriousness or care you deserve.

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