Senate told insurance company defrauded 1 in 3

In a committee meeting relating to the insurance industry, witnesses recently laid before the Senate statistics and numbers that would imply an insurance agency, UnitedHealth Group, went to so far as to defraud through underpayment one in three of their clients:

CQ Healthbeat (3/27) reports, “UnitedHealth Group officials are in for an unpleasant experience at a Senate hearing next week – if a set-up session on Thursday was any indication.” At a Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee hearing today, witnesses “described how health insurers routinely defrauded millions of patients who sought out-of-network care by paying less than the insurers owed for medical bills.” A witness told the panel, which will hear from United representatives next Tuesday, that “the practice could have potentially affected as many as one in three insured Americans and lasted for at least a decade.” Committee Chairman John D. Rockefeller, IV (D-WV), “declined to say what types of changes should be included in health overhaul legislation,” saying, “I want to make sure exactly what it is we need to do…just in the saying of it, I could do damage to health reform.”

This system of underpayment should come as no surprise to residents of the Gulf Coast, who found that their property insurers consistently undercut them by offering the bare minimum to their claims. The insurance agency at large is notorious for trying to bolster their bottom line by offering far less than the fair market or genuine value is to the damaged, insured homes or property of their clientele. It is becoming ever more important to attain legal support in the event you believe your insurance agency is acting in bad faith with their offer to your claim, whether it be health insurance or property damage or any type of issue with an insurer.

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