Symptoms of DePuy ASR Hip Implant Failure and How to Know if You Might Have a Problem

Depuy ASR hip replacements, part of the Johnson & Johnson’s implant division, has recently been recalled due to problems with its placement during surgeries and general issues relating to the product. Along with metal shavings slowly being cast into the soft tissue of patients, the following are problems patients have noted as experiencing as a result of the implant and procedure:

Pain in the Hip Region
Problems While or Inability to Walk
Swelling of the Hip
General Discomfort
Lack of Flexibility
These symptoms are often a result of the hip implant loosening or causing considerable fraction that results in the bone around the site of the implant. Further, some patients have suffered dislocation(s) of the ASR hip implant.

Anyone who has received the ASR hip implant from DePuy/Johnson & Johnson have been told by doctors to contact their surgeon or doctor, regardless on if they have had problems with the product, so that they can discuss the implant and how it has been working for them. By having an x-ray, blood test, MRI, ultrasound and other tests, patients can find out more about the success, or lack thereof, related to their hip.

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