Thousands of Hurricane Ike Victims Still Without Resolved Claims

While 60 to 80 percent of damage claims have been settled as of December 10, as reported by MSNBC on January 26, thousands of Hurricane Ike victims still have not had their issues resolved. With more and more Texas residents waiting for a response from their insurer, litigation is beginning to be the only option as insurance companies drag their feet to make payouts.

As Texas Insurance Code has time requirements in which residents are guaranteed prompt action from the insurance company, specific legal ramifications exist to compensate the insured when the policy provider fails to assist in a timely manner. The Texas Department of Insurance is looking into mediation programs that mirror those in Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana as a manner of third party resolution. However nothing is certain at this time.

What is certain, however, is that Hurricane Ike victims need assistance and need it now. Insurance companies often stall or delay claim proceedings in order to make policy holders feel “grateful” when the payment finally does arrive. This payment, though, oftentimes is inadequate and not the compensation they deserve. By having an attorney look into their claim and the process it has taken up to this moment, those individuals that were affected by Hurricane Ike can be ahead of the curve if or when litigation is necessary.

If you are a Hurricane Ike victim and need legal counsel, contact the Berniard Law Firm toll-free at 1-866-574-8005. An attorney there will go over your insurance claim with you and help to make sure you receive the proper legal advice and counsel you deserve.

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