Toronto Star profiles New Orleans’ uphill battle

A nice quick read for those in New Orleans and abroad, the Toronto Star recently did a profile describing the recovery movement post-Katrina and what it means four years later. While common in its timeline of the days before and after Katrina, it does spotlight a lingering international interest in the disaster and shows, again, just how much help is still needed even after all that time.

John Goddard recounts

Some visitors seek out the city’s cemetery tombs. Some ride to nearby plantations and delta swamps. For many, however, the first choice is to survey Katrina’s devastation – not to gawk at other people’s misfortune but to understand what the city endured and appreciate its protracted recovery.

Jones sets the ground rules: The bus sticks to main thoroughfares; nobody gets off to take pictures.

Initially, locals resented the idea of bus tours, he says. Now they view them as a net benefit to the city.

“Just by coming here you are helping,” he says.

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