What Your Insurance Agent Owes YOU

The law of Louisiana is very clear about its desire to protect the people from insurance companies and agents with bad intentions. All insurance agencies, whether Allstate, State Farm, or others, are governed by the law to be honest and clear about their policies. While the state would like it so that there was nothing to protect home owners from, there are certain laws and safeguards so that wrong can be undone.

Under Louisiana law, there is a specific fiduciary duty owed to homeowners by their insurance agent. What this means is that the agent is expected and required, by law, to work honestly and openly with his or her clients. If an insurance agent breaches this liability, the client may hold them liable and sue in court. Liability will be held if the client can prove an agreement to purchase insurance, failure of the agent to reasonably use diligence and that the agents actions led the client to believe he or she was properly insured. Thus, if your insurance agent led you to believe you had coverage that they then deny you on a claim, a lawsuit is possible.

While every case is different and the law can be complicated, keeping complete records of your conversations and exchanges with your insurance agent can help should the worst happen and your claim is rejected. Being careful and meticulous with your insurance can help keep a mistake from occurring or help you win litigation down the road.

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