Berniard Law Firm continues involvement in Chinese drywall class action

The Berniard Law Firm, having already been involved with various clients with Chinese drywall in the Gulf Coast region, recently filed in federal court two claims against manufacturers and builders who were involved in the repair and manufacturing of their homes. Further, head attorney Jeffrey Berniard has been involved in the class action proceedings with the MDL established in New Orleans. That pre-trial matter has been proceeding at a very rapid pace as Judge Eldon Fallon, quite experienced with class actions and was selected because of his work in a previous matter involving the prescription drug Vioxx. For more information on Judge Fallon’s work in the Vioxx matter and how he was chosen for his experience and expertise in the rapid development of class action pre-trial matters, read more here.

All of this involvement has led to a wealth of information that has been integral in establishing the advanced experience and approach the Berniard Law Firm has towards Chinese drywall. Mr. Berniard has been in attendance of each of the pre-trial hearings relating to the MDL Panel and has been active in helping advance the Plaintiff case in any way possible. To understand better the decisions made and the developments that come with these pre-trial hearings, refer back to our blog entry on this month’s MDL hearing located here.

While this blog is intended to be a resource for individuals living in the Gulf Coast and beyond to understand the legal matters and situations going on day-to-day, the fact that builders as far away as Nevada have been accused of using Chinese drywall demonstrates that everyone need to be aware of the news and options going on with Chinese drywall.

For more information on Chinese drywall, feel free to peruse the section of this blog dedicated to the matter, located here. If you believe you may have Chinese drywall in your recently built or renovated home, contact us at the Berniard Law Firm and we will happy to help you with your home issue and pursue any legal case you may have.

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