Town Hall meeting to discuss Chinese drywall matter

For residents of the Gulf Coast, and Louisiana in particular, groups involved with Chinese drywall litigation and legislation have established and set up a Town Hall Meeting for next week to discuss with homeowners and citizens the developments and actions being taken to combat the problems associated with the faulty wallboard.

Set for next Monday at 6:30 in Mandeville, the meeting will be attended by attorneys, including the Berniard Law Firm’s own Jeffrey Berniard, and experts in the field and issue in order to hopefully assuage concerns and develop ideas and avenues of communication with the community. State Senator Julie Quinn will also be in attendance to field questions regarding the state’s response to the matter.

The full details are as follows:

Date: 9/14/09
Time: 6:30pm
Mandeville City Hall
3101 E. Causeway Approach
Mandeville, LA
State Senator Julie Quinn will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting to discuss tainted Chinese drywall issues at Mandeville City Hall. She will discuss what the federal government and state of Louisiana are doing to address the issue. Dr. Mark Rigler, an expert in environmental analysis will be available for questions, as will a number of attorneys.

For more information you may contact Senator Quinn at her office, 504-219-4640.

For anyone who has had Chinese drywall discovered in their home or has questions regarding the matter, the meeting will be a great opportunity to further explore the issue and have questions answered. We hope to see you there.

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