Burglars robbing evacuated Chinese drywall homes

A heads-up to those who have left their Chinese drywall riddled homes behind because of growing health concerns: make sure security is used. Areas around the country have been facing burglaries in homes left vacant by homeowners after they discovered the faulty wallboard was installed in their homes.

The Fort Myers News-Press reports

Lee Ferguson told Cape Coral police Wednesday that he had to move out of his house on Northeast Juanita Place because of problems with Chinese drywall.

He said when he returned to check on the house, he found that thieves broke in and stole the $5,000 air conditioner.

He said the thieves pried open a window to get into the house.

Ferguson said the burglars also took the ladder to the attic, which is worth $200.

This is the second home in Cape Coral — vacant because of Chinese drywall — that has been burglarized this month.

While the immoral will always take advantage of crises, this is especially hard to stomach given the fact that families with nothing in their homes still are being riddled with problems they may never have foreseen. For those who have left their homes behind, please make sure to install or use security lights or other precautionary measures to make sure the toll that had befallen you is not further extended by the theft of copper pipes, air conditioning units, fixtures and other valuable construction materials.

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