Chinese drywall victims pushing for federal relief on matter

Fort Myers’ NBC 2 reports on the ongoing plight facing Chinese drywall and the reemerging efforts to push for federal assistance in handling the matter. Submitting hand-written petitions to the governor, families are hoping the governor is able to help handle the situation and fill up the gaps that still exist. With a town hall meeting on Saturday at the Lee Commission Chambers in Fort Myers, Florida, many people are still pushing for answers to the problems facing those who unfortunately have Chinese drywall in their homes.

As a “town hall” meeting discussing Chinese drywall approaches this weekend, affected homeowners say they’re tired of politicians passing the buck on the issue. We spoke with victims and pushed for answers from lawmakers on where and when the help will come.

They’ve hosted top federal officials, even testified on Capitol Hill. But 27 months into their plight, Chinese drywall victims Patti and Richard Kampf say they still don’t have the answers or help they need.

“No matter which way homeowners go for an answer, there’s always a caveat,” said Richard.

The Kampfs’ latest mission is trying to get Governor Charlie Crist to issue a disaster declaration to get victims federal money.

Grass roots efforts are a promising addition to the governmental actions being carried out by elected officials as time goes on. Only time will tell if the government is able to fix the situation for homeowners but the more involved people can be in ways such as writing to officials, the more attention this situation will receive.

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