Caution advised with ‘cheap’ home testing for Chinese drywall

With the disaster that Chinese drywall has become in the Gulf Coast and in other places across the country, homeowners are scrambling to find out if they have been afflicted with the toxic wallboard. With such urgency and panic, many have pursued cheaper manners of testing to avoid being buried underneath further bills. While remedies have been advertised that have since been found to be questionable solutions at best, the industry keeps churning out alternatives to true home detection services by professionals.

The St Petersburg Times reports on one possible scanner that shows promise but remains unregulated

A possible, less expensive testing solution may be on the horizon. New businesses are offering a noninvasive scan of homes throughout Tampa Bay and across the state for $500, using a handheld tool that can help identify the corrosive gases emitted by Chinese drywall.

But with the testing method comes big warnings: The service is not licensed by the state, does not require certification and has no oversight.

“You need to be really sure of the qualifications of the person doing the testing,” said David Krause, a state toxicologist reviewing the drywall issue.

“We consider this to be a very promising screening method,” Krause said. “But the state does not endorse this as a testing method yet. There currently is not a standard on approach or standard in how to do this.”

Until services attain the monitoring and certification of the state, no method is more proven or trusted than those attained with experts and specialists. The Berniard Law Firm hires such experts when clients hire our firm as legal representation and very detailed and meticulous records are kept to secure our clients rights in these reports.

For more information on how to attain expert services in your area, both legal and home analysis, feel free to contact our firm. In the meantime, should you be looking into alternative testing methods, take great care to pursue the most proven and trusted services.

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