Next few months crucial in Chinese drywall matters

The Bradenton Herald had an interesting piece that really clarifies how big the next few months are for those involved in Chinese drywall. Whether it’s the escalation of pre-trial matters in the federal litigation involving the toxic wallboard or foreign diplomacy, things are shaping up quickly.

The Herald reports

Within the next few weeks, officials expect to determine how much of a fire hazard, if any, the contaminated product poses. They’ll also have a better idea of how much the drywall contaminates the air inside affected homes. A federal judge is expected to decide which of the several hundred lawsuits that have been filed over the product will be the first to go to trial.

And the White House will raise the issue for the first time when President Barack Obama visits China this week.

In [Chinese Drywall’s pretrial matters], U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon could decide as early as this week which lawsuit will be the first “bellwether” case. Fallon has said he wants that trial to begin as early as Jan. 10.

The story also notes that deadlines loom on suits involving Chinese manufacturers

Also looming is a Dec. 9 deadline to file an omnibus class-action lawsuit against Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin Co., the only Chinese drywall manufacturer that has agreed to accept service but only for a limited time. Homeowners must provide evidence that they have the company’s wallboard by Dec. 2 to participate.

As always, this blog will continue to update as things progress in any of these matters. Our firm is also available if anyone has questions regarding the December 9th deadline and how to find out if they have Chinese drywall installed in their home.

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