Make sure to drive safely this winter in the Gulf Coast

While the Gulf Coast rarely sees snow in the winter months, safe driving is crucial as precipitation arrives in the form of rain and sleet. Though these tips are offered by the Iowa Department of Transportation, they still remain absolutely relevant given the ability of cold weather to cause unsafe driving conditions despite a lack of snow or hail.

    Do not overestimate your ability in bad driving conditions.
    Slow down. Wear seat belts. Never drink and drive.
    Put extra distance between you and the car in front of you.
    Don’t slam on the brakes. The wheels could lock, causing your car to slide.
    If your car starts to slide, turn your wheels in the direction in which it is sliding to straighten it out.
    Drive on interstates and one-way roads, whenever possible.
    Turn on your lights to see and be seen.
    Clear snow, sleet and ice off the headlights, tail lights, mirrors, and license plates. Stop the car when necessary to keep the windows clear.
    Be aware that bridges, ramps, and overpasses may freeze first.
    Check the windshield wipers to make sure they are not frozen to the windshield.
    Consider replacing your original wipers with heavy-duty ones.

As always, safe driving in adverse conditions is much more important than arriving to a destination faster. Should you be involved in a car accident, keep close records of all the details and contacting a legal expert are crucial. Our office deals in personal injury and legal representation matters and would gladly discuss your rights in the event of such an accident.

In the meantime, our offices only hope that ice and sleet will not be an issue this holiday season in the Gulf Coast!

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