Chinese Drywall Information Week

Starting today and running through Friday, this blog will run through the emerging dangers coming up about Chinese drywall. Suddenly popping up on the news, this drywall is believed to emit gas that damages homes’ wiring and foundation while at the same time causing negative health effects to residents. With experts believing that tens of thousands of homes could have been built using Chinese drywall, and with health effects being reported within the state of Louisiana, it is important that people be aware. As thousands of homes were rebuilt or repaired in the wake of tropical storms and hurricanes in the Gulf Coast region, this drywall may become a huge problem for residents and getting out the information on this potentially dangerous material is a priority for us at the Berniard Law Firm. That the drywall may have been used everywhere across the country points out that individuals, whether in New Orleans, Huntsville or Boston, should get information immediately about the walls in their homes.

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