CNN Profile on Chinese Drywall

Residents of the Gulf Coast region are finding a new danger, this time in their homes. Chinese-made drywall is reportedly causing damage to health and property that the public at large, and Louisiana residents in particular, needs to be well aware of.

(CNN) — Officials are looking into claims that Chinese-made drywall installed in some Florida homes is emitting smelly, corrosive gases and ruining household systems such as air conditioners, the Consumer Product Safety Commission says.

Gas emitted from defective drywall corrodes copper wiring, turning it black, some Florida homeowners say.

The Florida Health Department, which is investigating whether the drywall poses any health risks, said it has received more than 140 homeowner complaints. And class-action lawsuits allege defective drywall has caused problems in at least three states — Florida, Louisiana and Alabama — while some attorneys involved claim such drywall may have been used in tens of thousands of U.S. homes.

Homeowners’ lawsuits contend the drywall has caused them to suffer health problems such as headaches and sore throats and face huge repair expenses.

The scope of the problem exceeds health issues as well, with Florida residents contending that this:

is what remains of their copper wiring after it was installed within gas-emitting Chinese drywall, which, over time, corrodes the copper wiring. That the drywall issue is emerging in some of the states hit hardest by tropical storms and hurricanes and where rebuilding or repair often occur is unfortunate. Residents of these states should contact any contractor or building agent/manufacturer to find out the materials used on their homes. If you feel that your home was improperly built using these materials, call our firm and an attorney will discuss with you your legal options.

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