Science Confirms the Toxic Health Effects of Chinese Drywall

The Florida Department of Health issued a report on Monday that confirmed what the media and homeowners have known for months: Chinese drywall is toxic.

Chinese drywall samples give off a sulfur odor when exposed to heat and moisture, according to a 66-page report released Monday by the Florida Department of Health.

The findings of the investigation, conducted by Unified Engineering, a private lab, will be detailed later Monday during a press conference by the department, which is analyzing drywall in response to a widening product liability crisis.

The lab tested one sample made in the U.S. by National Gypsum Co.’s GridMarx brand and three samples made in China.

“There is a distinct difference in drywall that was manufactured in the United States and those that were manufactured in China,” said Lori Streit, a principal scientist with Unified, in a letter. “The Chinese samples contained traces of strontium sulfide inclusions and more organic material that the GridMarx sample (United States). However, it is not yet known if either contributed to the odor.”

The state’s findings now open the door for further investigation and the beginning of an established and scientifically backed series of proceedings against the manufacturers. It is important that homeowners who had their homes built between 2004 and 2006, or even before and after this time period, make sure they know what their walls are made of and take steps to protect themselves and their property. Florida and the United States government already have begun this process:

The Florida Department of Health is tracking 150 complaints about drywall causing metal corrosion and odors in homes. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission also is investigating the extent of the drywall problem.

More information on this report may be found in the original news story by the Tampa Bay Business Journal and may be read here.

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