Chinese drywall problems continue to build

As Chinese drywall lawsuits develop and people continue to struggle with the hidden dangers within their walls, developments continue to mount that are relevant for anyone facing these issues. Tampa Bay Online has done a good job summarizing the issues facing homeowners across the United States in regards to Chinese drywall and its corrosive capacity to harm the health and property of homeowners.

The Florida Department of Health has received more than 450 complaints from homeowners. Several federal agencies, including the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, are investigating.

The drywall was used in as many as 100,000 homes across the nation during the housing boom and emits a corrosive gas that damages appliances, gives off a rotten-egg stench and may cause health problems.

U.S. builders typically use domestic drywall, but the aftermath of hurricanes, combined with growing demand during the housing boom, led to a drywall shortage. That prompted builders to turn to imported drywall, mainly from 2004 through 2007.

Builders say they didn’t know about the bad drywall because subcontractors ordered it from distributors. Some builders have tracked down which shipments contained the Chinese drywall and are testing homes. Some have moved homeowners out and are replacing the drywall.

Meanwhile, class-action lawsuits against builders are mounting.

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