Making yourself familiar with your insurance policy and coverage

With hurricane season in full swing, it is important for home and property owners to be fully aware and clear about their insurance and coverage, or lack thereof, that it provides. Whether living in a flood plain or tucked safely in a non-flooding area, residents of the Gulf Coast can be affected all the same by a hurricane by the list of dangers such as wind or rain damage. Going through your policy and making sure the proper cover necessary to properly rebuild in the event of storm damage is there will help prevent nasty surprises should the unthinkable happen and serious destruction befalls you.

Tim Engstrom from Southwest Florida’s News-Press has more

Most homeowners – especially those outside high-hazard coastal zones – can find coverage, but it is likely to be with a newer, less-familiar company, said Randy Duncan, an agent with the Insurance Depot of Lee County in Cape Coral.

“The days of name-brand coverage are over,” Duncan said. “All that really matters is whether the company is A-rated – can it cover its expenses in the event of a loss?”
There is no “hurricane insurance”; homeowners’ insurance is actually a collection of insurance coverage that includes such hazards as windstorm, fire, lightning and more.

Duncan said homeowners frequently forget that their windstorm coverage typically carries a much higher deductible – based on a percentage of the insured value – than other coverage.

The article goes on, citing the need to reup your policy coverage in the event of home upgrades or additions, as well as keeping an extra copy of insurance documents with personal documentation in a safety deposit box or other “outside” storage area away from the home. Available here, the article is a good read for anyone living in the Gulf Coast to make sure they are up to task on their preparation and insurance values.

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