Chinese drywall tests indicate the obvious: toxic materials apparent

In a test report produced by the EPA, gases and materials toxic to humans were found within the Chinese drywall tested

The EPA did announce earlier in the week that samples of Chinese drywall contained elevated levels of sulfur, strontium, and organic material, reports the Miami Herald. This confirms the results of testing already conducted for the State of Florida at an independent Illinois laboratory, as noted by Coastal Connection on April 15th.

This test demonstrates that the federal government is now fully knowledgeable of the issues involved and that the pre-cursor test done in April has been verified. If you have or believe there to be Chinese drywall in your home, contact your builder and the Berniard Law Firm immediately to have experts handle your case properly. Delays in doing so can only be detrimental to your health and case and it is inherently important you utilize experts like those used by the Berniard Law Firm to handle your Chinese drywall case.

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