Acting chair steps down over Chinese Drywall gaffe

In some absolutely non-shocking news, the chair of the Consumer Safety Commission has stepped down in the wake of the Chinese Drywall disaster.

Nancy Nord, the acting chair of the Consumer Product Safety Commission who has been blasted in recent months for her handling of the tainted Chinese drywall issue, will be handing over the reins to fellow commissioner Thomas Moore next week.

Moore will take over as acting head on June 1 until a new chair can be confirmed by the Senate. In a statement, Nord said she plans to keep her position as commissioner until the end of her term in 2012.

On May 5, President Barack Obama announced his plan to nominate former South Carolina Education Superintendent Inez Moore Tenenbaum as commission chair, and to increase the number of commissioners from 3 to 5.

Progress is progress – let’s hope this means Washington will take this issue as seriously as it portends and rectify this situation while enacting measures to prevent something like it from happening again.

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