Condo owner moving tenants for Chinese drywall repair

The owner of 140 condos in Florida is moving its tenants around so as to complete repairs on various units that were unfortunately built with the toxic wallboard from China. The Palm Beach Post reports

The company that owns 140 condominiums at The Whitney has alerted its tenants they may be moved into different units within the building to make way for replacement of tainted drywall.

USO Norge Whitney LLC has sent a letter to its renters in the downtown West Palm Beach condo outlining what it will do should the company “need to remediate a drywall issue in your unit.”

According to the letter, USO Norge will move a renter if a unit contains the tainted drywall. The unit will be chosen by the company.

The landlord said it would pay moving costs, but that relocated residents will pay the same rent.

Paul Elliott, president of both USO Norge and The Whitney’s homeowners association, said he does not yet know when repairs will begin. The company is looking to Bovis Lend Lease, The Whitney’s builder, for a solution.

Bovis has until Oct. 16 to respond to claims against it for using the defective wallboard.

It’s obviously very positive the repairs are going on and that moving expenses will be paid. Further, a proactive approach to a big problem by a major company with so many tenants is proof the pressure is on for landlords to take action in the better interest of their residents. Let’s hope this trend continues.

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