Ochsner embryo mixup develops as government investigates

While the embryo mixup that occurred in the Louisiana hospital outside New Orleans was bad news for families who had stored there, recent news makes the situation worse. The unfortunate reality, it appears, for those couples whose embryos were kept at Ochsner Hospital Elmwood is that, even if they could be identified after being mislabeled, a failure to screen them for sexually transmitted diseases when freezing took place makes them inviable to implant. The suit filed a couple earlier this month is the second filed against the hospital after another couple found that the embryos they had frozen at Ochsner Hospital Elmwood went missing. That the mislabeled embryos are not even viable even if identified is a harsh addendum to an already tragic and sad event.

The hospital has shut down its in vitro program indefinitely so as to attend to the problems that obviously exist before continuing. Ochsner CEO Pat Quinlan has stated the problem and shutdown arrives from a “significant labeling issue, which makes us unable to account for all the frozen embryos in our IVF center.”

What this means to New Orleans residents is simple: any couple or woman who has had embryos frozen at Ochsner Hospital Elmwood needs to contact the hospital immediately to find out the status of their frozen embryos. The hospital has stated any patients concerned with the status of their embryos should call concerns can contact Ochsner by calling 866.631.9783 or send e-mails or questions to questions@ochsner.org. As both of these appear to be public manners of contact, an important next step for patients would be to attain legal counsel.

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